The extra virgin olive oil is extracted from olives, which is a fruit of a olive tree that dates back to over 6000 years and has been part of Human History since then. During the Roman Empire the production and consumption of oil spread in the form of food and products for using in hygiene, lighting, perfumed ointments, as well as a scared and purifying element in religious acts. Olivar del Azaraque premium olive oil absorbs all the scents from the wild flowers, pines and fruit tree surrounding the fields, and its flavor reminds us of apricots, almonds, banana, apple, lavender and rosemary. Add this golden liquid as an ideal dressing in any meal, including salads and vegetables, and savor the richness of its taste. Delicious with typical Spanish dishes such as Jamon and cheese. Sure to delight any discerning gourmet. A product that should not be missed as it also possesses innumerable health benefits.
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